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Peterbilt 389 Trucks for Sale

Peterbilt 389The Peterbilt 389 is the icon of the highway. Today, the model 389 embodies the spirit of bold design and legendary craftsmanship. The 389 is one of the most stylish Peterbilt trucks yet, while being the workhorse that our customers expect from America’s premium-quality, heavy-duty truck manufacturer.

Model 389

The 389 Peterbilt truck was first manufactured and introduced at the Mid-America Trucking Show in 2006. A year later, the 389 model replaced the 379 in 2007. The new model is distinguished with updated, newer-style headlights and an even longer hood. Now, Peterbilt offers both a highway and vocational model 389 trucks for sale with differing specifications.

Truck Features

While there’s both an on-highway and vocational 389, both models share many of the same high quality features. For some, model 389 glider kits are also an option. Interested in a new or used Peterbilt 389 for sale? See examples of our model 389 truck listings below. Check out each truck’s specifications, interior and exterior design under our truck inventory section.


All Peterbilt model 389 trucks include interior features that provide comfort, elegance, and utility. Interior design that elevates the driver experience from ordinary to extraordinary. Keep in mind, each model might come equipped with unique interior features. Some of the wonderful Peterbilt 389 interior features include an ergonomic dash, a unique finish, comfortable high-back seats, cruise control, improved visibility, and much more. Pair the interior cab features with one of Peterbilt’s high quality sleepers for the ultimate 389 experience.


The 389 Peterbilt is a well-rounded truck with strong engine options and durable exterior features. The model 389 is a smart investment due to the truck’s long life, durability, and sustainability. In addition, the truck boasts a classic cab design that’s upgraded with aerodynamic enhancements for increased fuel savings. The cab is all-aluminum, extremely durable, and lightweight, allowing for increased payloads. At the same time, the 389 truck demands attention and gives you that distinct Peterbilt grill, fender, and hood style.

Featured Listings

Below, you can see some of our Peterbilt 389 truck listings that may be available. For more details, visit our truck inventory page to find model 389 specs, and images of the interiors and exteriors. Depending on stock, we may have more model variations available for you to browse at one of our Peterbilt dealer locations. For more information about new and used Peterbilt 389 trucks, give us a call!

  • 2016 389 Red
  • 2016 389 78″ Stand Up
  • 2016 389 White 72″ Stand Up
  • 2015 389 SH 58″ Low Roof
  • 2015 389 SH 72″ HT
  • 2015 389 Kit 72″ Low Roof
  • 2014 389 72″ AIS Roof
  • And more Peterbilt 389 trucks!

Questions About the Peterbilt 389?

If you have any questions about our Peterbilt 389 listings, please don’t hesitate to give our team at Montana Peterbilt a ring or contact form message. We’d be happy to help you find the model you’re looking for. Depending on your needs, we may also be able to deliver a truck right to your door.